Arts Leadership Award Program

Representing Alameda County Supervisorial District Three —

Tina Blaine is the Former Executive Director of Rhythmix Cultural Works located in the City of Alameda, and a Musician, Composer, and Sound Designer. Tina, who is also known as “bean,” led Rhythmix Cultural Works for 12 years, serving as its Executive Director from 2010-2022. During this time Rhythmix became an important arts hub for the City of Alameda and the East Bay. At Rhythmix, Tina produced hundreds of concerts and events including 18 public art walks featuring local artists of world music, dance and visual art traditions to bring the Alameda County community together. Tina’s collaborative spirit has supported many partnerships with artists and non-profits on a variety of projects. During the pandemic, Tina spearheaded the effort to retrofit the Rhythmix’s theater and transform the organization’s programs into online offerings, including its signature Performance, Arts & Learning program. This multicultural arts education program expanded from serving 3,000 students annually in a live setting to the new virtual format reaching more than 45,000 students throughout Press Release: Alameda County Arts Commission – 2022 Alameda County Arts Leadership Awards and Proclamation Page 3 of 4 Alameda County via online access to assembly videos and resource materials. Tina has also composed music for NPR, video games, television, and documentary soundtracks. Tina Blaine lives in Alameda.