Arts Leadership Award Program

Representing Alameda County Supervisorial District Three —

Susan Dunn of the City of Alameda, is a community leader who devotes her time to supporting and providing arts and cultural community activities with a special emphasis on the City of Alameda. In the past two years Susan has held leadership positions with three arts organizations in the City of Alameda. She served as the staff historian for the Altarena Playhouse. During the theater company’s recent 75th anniversary, Ms. Dunn coordinated a major gala fundraiser and exhibition about the organization’s long history. Ms. Dunn served as the development director for the Virago Theatre which is an eleven year old theater company. And, Ms. Dunn is the founder, development director and a board member for Island City Opera founded in 2014. She has been a major force in the success of Island City Opera’s first season at the Elks Lodge in Alameda. Ms. Dunn has a broad theater background which has given her many artistic connections and has enabled her to contribute local resources to productions, as well as build a strong volunteer base.