Arts Leadership Award Program

Ruey Lin Syrop

Representing Alameda County Supervisorial District Two —

Ruey Lin Syrop is an Artist, the Curator for the Hayward Arts Council’s John O’Lague Galleria at Hayward City Hall, and a Board Member of the Hayward Arts Council. She is a Member of A.R.T., Inc. in Castro Valley, the Sun Gallery in Hayward, and the Oriental Art Association in San Francisco. Ruey joined the Hayward Arts Council in 1994 and in 2021 she became the Curator of the John O’Lague Galleria. She was instrumental in helping both organizations A.R.T., Inc, and the Hayward Arts Council make the transition to online exhibitions and meetings during the pandemic, keeping people connected and continuing to provide opportunities for artists to show their work. She has been helping artists connect with local businesses to show their art in both Hayward and Castro Valley. Ruey has a BA in Fine Arts from the National Taiwan Normal University. When Ruey is not spending time volunteering, she is focused on making an impact with her own art, which deals with environmental and social issues. Ruey continually reaches out and connects with community members who hail from diverse backgrounds and age groups. Ruey Lin Syrop lives in Hayward.