Arts Leadership Award Program

Lilia Reynoso

Representing Alameda County Supervisorial District Two —

Lilia Reynoso is an appointed member of the Union City Public Art Board, a member and teacher of the Ollin Anahuac Traditional Aztec Dance Group, and a Board Member of the Art Association of the East Bay, Inc. in Union City. The Aztec Dance Group helps youth maintain a sense of pride and deeper connection to their heritage. The Group has been invited to perform at local multi-cultural events and schools. This past year. Ms. Reynoso directed several mural projects including leading a group of young woman from Conley Carrabolla High School through a self-esteem and awareness program which culminated in a collaborative mural at the school. The students were so proud of the project that they used it as a backdrop for their graduation ceremony in 2009. The mural was also selected as the winner of the 8th Annual Health Through Art program and will be featured on billboards in Alameda County.